The Climate Web
Actionable Climate Knowledge

The Climate Web is an open-access climate knowledge solution and the closest thing today to a collective climate intelligence. Based on the work of thousands of experts, the Climate Web facilitates access to the actionable knowledge individuals, companies, and policy-makers need for their climate change decision-making.

More than 100,000 documents, news stories, videos, images, ideas, arguments, websites and more, each the equivalent of an actionable climate knowledge LEGO brick, are linked together in the Climate Web. Unlike normal LEGOs, however, the Climate Web’s actionable knowledge building blocks can be simultaneously formed into numerous knowledge structures to respond to the needs of an individual, an organization, or an audience of thousands.


The Climate Web was launched by the Climatographers after two decades of working on climate change, in response to the insights reflected in the quotes of Woodrow Wilson and Carla O’dell below. The goal of the Climate Web is to make it possible for any interested person to “know what we (collectively) know” about climate change.

The Climate Web covers the full range of climate change topics, from its (multiple) underlying causes to its (many) potential solutions. Its 3,500 Index Entries let you explore climate change from A (attribution) to Z (zika virus). The software platform used to build the Climate Web, TheBrain software, is uniquely powerful in its ability to organize almost infinite content, and its ability to offer fit-for-purpose customization of that content.


You can get a much more complete picture of the Climate Web through our Climate Web Overview Climate Site.