Advisory Firsts

The Climatographers' first firm, Trexler Climate and Energy Services (TC+ES), founded in 1991, was the first climate change consulting firm in the U.S. to focus on private sector climate risk assessment and management. In that context TC+ES implemented numerous "carbon firsts" with companies in the U.S., Canada, and Japan.

These advisory firsts included:

  • Lead Technical Role in First Offset Projects
  • First Expert-Based Assessment of Forestry Potentials
  • Developed First Offset Contracts
  • Won First Offset-Based Facility Siting Proceeding
  • Took First Company Climate-Neutral
  • Assembled First Compliance GHG Offset Portfolio
  • Created Platform for GHG Early Action Crediting
  • First Mitigation Market Software System
  • First Coalmine Methane Mitigation Deals
  • Supported First Utility-Based GHG Business Unit
  • Built First Global Carbon Pricing Model
  • Carried Out Early Climate Scenario Planning Exercises
  • First Energy Sector Climate Change Positioning Strategy
  • First Climate Change Actionable Knowledge Solution

The Climatographers have been at the cutting edge of thinking about climate change for three decades.