Topical Climate Sites

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The Climatographers built the Climate Web to facilitate access to the actionable climate knowledge needed by individuals, companies, and policy-makers for tackling climate change. Based on integrating the work of thousands of experts, if there is an answer to climate change it is probably in the Climate Web.

While the Climate Web is Open-Access(brain://aL_82TX4fVGqef528wzKRw/FrontDoor), its size and scope can be intimidating at first glance (even though its learning curve is actually very short). Climate Sites offer an alternative way to explore a variety of topics and materials in the Climate Web by extracting carefully curated information from the Climate Web and presenting it in a basic website format like the one you’re accessing here.

Topical Climate Sites

You can explore a wide variety of topics and resources through the Climate Sites links below.

  • CliFi - Climate Fiction (helping you explore this new genre and the role it could play in tackling climate change)

  • Climate Chess (an introduction to the ultimate planetary board game, which we would argue represents the best opportunity for successfully tackling climate change)

  • Post-Trump Climate Action (what will a Biden Presidency do to tackle climate change given the mixed results of the 2020 election?)

  • Carbon Offsets 101 (an entry-level exploration of the idea behind and the implementation of carbon offsets)

  • Carbon Offsets Round 2 (exploring whether voluntary offset markets can and should grow dramatically to help achieve global climate targets)

  • Greenwishing vs. Greenwashing (introduces you to this new term and how to explore these concepts in the Climate Web)

  • Climate Change via Videos (provides help in exploring the more than 3,000 videos organized in the Climate Web)

  • Climate Change via Quora ( is a great source of climate change Q&A. The Climate Site helps you take better advantage of the resource)

  • Climate Change via Quotes (quotes that help explore why climate change has been so difficult to tackle)

  • Examples of Great Climate Reading (introduces you to some of the books we’ve found particularly helpful in understanding and responding to the problem of climate change)

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Learning Curve Climate Sites

A number of Climate Sites like this one help you explore the Climate Web itself. .

  • Mastering the Climate Web (a comprehensive look at the structure and capabilities of the Climate Web - a video companion is coming soon)

  • Leveraging the Climate Web as Your Research Assistant/Department (a detailed look at how you can best take advantage of the 20,000 hours of knowledge curation represented by the Climate Web, including using it as an internal research department to advance your company’s, your law firm’s, or your consulting firm’s business and climate objectives)

  • The Climatographers (provides you with access to publications and other resources not available at the Climatographers’ standard website).

  • Your Climate Change MBA (introduces a specialized knowledge product that covers everything you need to know for business decision-making on climate change)

  • Your Climate Change PhD (introduces a specialized knowledge product that covers what you might want to know to most effectively tackle climate change)

Topical Roadmaps

Topical Roadmaps are a particular category of Climate Sites. “Lite” Topical Roadmaps help you navigate the Climate Web to get to the topics you are most intersted in. Premium Roadmaps dig much deeper into the same topics, telling the “story” of the topic while taking advantage of Climate Web resources, ultimately leveraging hundreds of hours of research and knowledge curation. “Lite” Topical Roadmaps including those listed below are available through our Roadmaps Lite Climate Site.

  • Activism Roadmap Lite
  • Adaptation Roadmap Lite
  • Business Response Roadmap Lite
  • Business Risks Roadmap Lite
  • Carbon Offsets Roadmap Lite
  • Carbon Pricing Roadmap Lite
  • Climate Communications Roadmap Lite
  • Climate Economics Roadmap Lite
  • Climate Emergency Roadmap Lite
  • Climate Engineering Roadmap Lite
  • Climate Fingerprint Roadmap Lite
  • Climate Technologies Roadmap Lite
  • Global Policy Roadmap Lite
  • Individual Action Roadmap Lite
  • Law and Litigation Roadmap Lite
  • Low Carbon Transition Roadmap Lite
  • NCS Roadmap Lite
  • Net Zero Roadmap Lite
  • Real Estate Risks Roadmap Lite
  • Scenario Planning Roadmap Lite
  • Sea Level Rise Roadmap Lite
  • Social Cost of Carbon Roadmap Lite
  • Societal Risk Roadmap Lite
  • Systemic Climate Risk Roadmap Lite
  • U.S. Policy Roadmap Lite
  • Under-Estimated Risk Roadmap Lite
  • Wicked Problems Roadmap Lite

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Custom Climate Sites

The Climatographers can create a Climate Site from the Climate Web to address almost any climate-related topic or question, to organize materials for a class, or just for an internal briefing. Contact us here.

The Climatographers